Active Pad Submit 4.7

Active Pad Submit 4.7: Submits your pad file to 700+ sites World`s largest most accurate list of english shareware sites.Submit your pad file to approximately 600 shareware sites!.Fills web form fields instantly. Most probably the biggest list of English Shareware sites in the world built into this program. Must buy for one year to access list. Optional manual or automatic mode.Used by thousands of shareware developers.

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AT CRM Shareware 1

A Shareware CRM Software. AT-CRM Shareware, running as a web application, is a Customer Relationship Management System. It provides the ability for you to successfully manage contacts with your clients. Being oriented towards your clients you can sell more then others and AT-CRM Shareware can be extremely helpful in improving your sales process. AT-CRM Shareware can be installed easily within half an hour.

software, relationship, customer, management

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Shareware Submission Buddy 1.01

Shareware promotion software that helps you to promote your software to Shareware sites and directories manually. Simply enter the URL of the PAD file you wish to promote and the program will spider your PAD file for the appropriate information, the program stays on top of your browser and allows you to quickly copy and paste the data into the Shareware submission forms in your browser.

software promotion, shareware submission, website promotion software, directory submission

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Shareware Workshop 1.2.7

Shareware developer`s automation tool: Store all info about your companies and products.Multiply companies support. Can import company/product info from PAD ToDo/Bug list, used for history & FAQ generation submit to shareware archives; tracks sales; inplace product keys generation; Allows send customized emails to customers; full PAD support (PAD-Extensions fully supported). Full / partial data backup/restore.

internet, shareware, submission, accounting, promouting

Shareware-List search plugin 1.1: Search for software programs to download from Firefox browser interface.
Shareware-List search plugin 1.1

This search plugin for Firefox allows you to search Shareware-List website right from your browser. You can find easy in this way the latest updates of thousand shareware and freeware programs.To install the plugin follow the instructions from the install screen, restart your firefox browser and select the new Shareware-List search engine from the search engines list (usually top right of your browser).

plugin, shareware, software, search, freeware, firefox, download

RegisterClip Shareware Key and Order System

Shareware Key and Order System. Shareware is software, which is free for a time period e.g. 30 days. Only status dialogs of the time period are allowed. A shareware release is like a short probe of the program. The user can test the program and after the time period expired, the program is locked. The shareware modell has the advantage, that there are no costs to distribute the software. The author can share the program on the internet for free.

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PAD Submitter 1.01: PAD Submitter. Shareware promoter, automatically submit your PAD.
PAD Submitter 1.01

Shareware Submission Software. Automatically submit your shareware to shareware sites and directories. This program will save you hours of submission time. Full and customizable reports available upon submission. Submit as many new software applications as you have. Submit as many software updates as you have.

add pad, shareware, submit, submission, submitter

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